Good design is a process - and it's one that starts with listening. Our designers work collaboratively with you, gaining insights into your business so they can craft the perfect solution for you, whether it is a business card, flyer, website, social media campaign or new branding.


A brand is your business and when all the tangible assets are removed, it’s the brand that holds the company's value.

Establishing a strong brand and logo are paramount to creating professionalism and a corporate image tailored to the target market.

The old adage suggests a picture speaks a thousand words, but in the digital sphere it’s the incorporation of photography with design and branding that really sets companies apart.

We advise and work with clients on concept, colours, design, print and practical application.

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Graphic Design

Making an impact with imagery and artwork is the easiest way to grab attention and hold it.

Based at our Hamilton head office, our design consultants work with you to advise the best design, colour, use of brand and space to create a high impact creative design across a range of mediums; from business cards to posters, catalogues and digital campaigns. This information is then utilised by our graphic design team to structure a visual representation of your idea for its primary purpose, while maintaining core aspects of a marketing plan, such as consistency of message.

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Social media design

Social Media when done correctly, offers a unique and personal way to interact with your customers, target potential new clientele and reinforce your brand’s place in the market.

Our in house designers are able to create eye-catching designs for all your social media platforms.

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Your website and online presence are a vital part of most 21st century businesses: it’s your receptionist, consultant and salesperson all-in-one and works around the clock, seven days a week.

Web design is more than just having information, it’s about getting attention, usability and imagery that evokes interest and subject passion, ultimately leading to a sale.   

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